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Kremlin Rexson Equipment Reduces Coating Waste for Major Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

EXEL North America partnered with one of the largest kitchen cabinet manufacturers in North America to reduce their coating wastes and improve finish consistency.  Due to production requirements, all 2K coatings needed to be accurately and freshly mixed with no down time during color change. This required a large quantity of 2K mixing machines to be installed at each spray booth.

The kitchen cabinet manufacturer’s application consists of hand spraying cabinets on an overhead conveyor.  They were using a hand mixing method and needed to improve their process as there was considerable paint waste and inconsistencies in the mix quality.  They are applying an acid catalyzed clear coat and pigmented base coats.  These coatings needed to be ready to spray at all times during production hours without any problems.  EXEL North America was able to eliminate the hand mixing process and improve the finish quality.

EXEL North America analyzed the process and offered a more suitable solution that would provide a better “Return on Investment” and reduce coating wastes.

To optimize the kitchen cabinet manufacturer’s performance and reduce their coating wastes, EXEL North America installed the following equipment into their facility:

  • (70+) Cyclomix™ Micro pH Machines
  • (100+) Airmix® fluid regulators
  • (10+) 20-220FPH and 20-25FPH catalyst pumps
  • (100+) Xcite® guns

EXEL North America was able to help the kitchen cabinet manufacturer reduce coating usage and waste and eliminate the manual labor associated with hand mixing.  For pigmented coatings, they expect an ROI within 12-15 months.  On clear coatings, they expect an ROI of 24-30 months.

EXEL NA is currently quoting additional 2K equipment for a few more of their locations.  We hope to continue to optimize their performance and reduce their coating waste by showing them the best options available by using the equipment that Kremlin Rexson manufactures.

The customer is so pleased with the performance of the Kremlin Rexson equipment that they have standardized this process at various locations throughout North America.

Kremlin Rexson is the world’s leading manufacturer of complete plural component equipment solutions for acid catalyzed coating applications.

For more information or questions, please email us at exelnasolutions@exel-na.com or call us at 1.800.573.5554.   For product literature and brochures, please visit our website at www.exel-na.com.

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