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SAMES InoBell® Powder Bell Technology

EXEL North America, Inc. – Manufacturer of SAMES Manual and Automatic Powder Coating Equipment and Solutions. 

To meet the requirement of companies looking to improve paint saving, SAMES has designed the InoBell®.   The InoBell® is a high transfer efficiency applicator that offers extreme uniformity and high finish quality. 

One of the benefits of the InoBell® is that the spray pattern can be the size of 2 to 3 guns. The powder flow of the InoBell® can be twice as much as a gun. Uniformity across the part is the best with InoBell®.  Gun finishing can provide large fluctuations in film build.  The InoBell® provides Excellent Regularity of Film Build – The quality of finish meets the most stringent and tight DOI criteria (quality of reflection).  It also provides High Flow Rates and less applicators – just one powder bell can replace two guns as it can efficiently apply powder at flows in excess up to 30 kg/h.  

InoBell® provides the highest electrostatic charge of any applicator with a rotating electrode even at high flow rates.  Simply put – InoBell® provides the highest flow of charged powder with a soft pattern to provide:
  • Higher First Pass Transfer Efficiency
  • Better Uniformity 
  • High Finish Quality
EXEL North America, Inc. has had a recent success using the InoBell® with an Office Furniture Manufacturer.  We replaced (2) of their guns with a powder flow of 616g/min with (1) fixed InoBell® with a powder flow of 249g/min.  The customer is also not reclaiming the powder.  

The outcome was that the customer had an improved finish quality, uniformity, and a 35% powder savings!!  We have also had a few more success with the new SAMES InoBell®.

To learn more about this great new product and its successes, please contact EXEL North America, Inc. at 1.800.573.5554 (USA) or 1.416.431.5017 (Canada). 

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