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Trailer Body Builder Magazine Talks NESHAP 6H EPA Paint Compliance for 2011

Trailer Body Builder Magazine is a great site and a magazine in the truck and trailer markets. Great market information and trending available through these guys. They had an article in their Jan 2011 issue highlighting the NESHAP 6H EPA paint rule that is going into effect in March. Read more at their site http://trailer-bodybuilders.com/mag/companies-until-march-0101/


How much paint savings do you get when using electronic proportioners vs mechanical plural component systems?

We did a hands on demonstration at our labs at EXEL North America in Plymouth, MI in our Automotive and General Finishing and Dispense Systems Laboratories. We compared our Cyclomix Micro Electronic Proportioner with our PU2160 Mechanical Proportioner for 2 Component material paint and coatings. The savings were quite substantial in favor of the electronic proportioning system.

See the video here:

Caskets, Yeah, We’ll Paint Those Too

It’s not Halloween, but what better holiday than New Year’s to start painting caskets around here. Whether you need to paint a casket, or anything else like a casket, with a robot or by hand, we have the right spray application equipment and paint delivery systems for the job. Yes, even caskets get a nice class A Finish to their surface. Wood caskets or metal caskets, you name, we’ll paint it. You can use air assisted airless Kremlin Rexson manual spray guns or even SAMES electrostatic bells and electrostatic spray guns. Some caskets are painted with plural component materials and the components are automatically mixed with our Cyclomix Expert Metering system. To get the best quality though, we decided to do the entire system ourself so our customer only had to do 1-Stop shopping. No better way to start the year off than shipping in some caskets for painting.

Now That’s What I Call a Fluid Delivery System

Not only did we install a robotic system for painting wind blades, but we put the robot on long rails and had the multiple component system track with it. We customized our Cyclomix Expert System to handle the many multiple component paints and gel coat. More info on robotic spray gun systems at http://www.exel-na.com and see some robotic application videos at http://www.youtube.com/roboticfinishing.

PU3000 Innovative Two Component Pumping System

EXEL North America is pleased to announce the release of the PU3000®  Innovative 2K Pumping System.

The PU3000® is a Cost Effective,  Electro-Pneumatic System that uses “Free Pulse Technology – FPE” which is suitable for a wide range of applications.  It is Easy to Operate and Easy to Install.

Here are the Key Points related to the PU3000®:

1.  Constant Metering Control

2.  Free Pulse Electronic Control – FPE

3.  Data Storage of Material Consumption + VOC

4.  Auto Maintenance Reminder

The PU3000® is a flexible 2K System that can be used in the following markets:  Wood, Metal and Plastics markets. 

Give us a call today  at 1-800-573-5554 to learn more about this great new 2K Pumping system.

Cyclomix Expert 2K Electronic Meter Mixing for 2K & 3K Products

Kremlin has sold more than one thousand 2K and 3K Electronic Meter Mixing systems in the past 5 years.

We are now offering a new 2K & 3K Electronic Meter Mixing Solution – the CYCLOMIX™ EXPERT.  Our sales and technical EXPERTise were used to create this user-friendly solution for our customers.

The Cyclomix™ Expert is an innovative, industrial solution that is configured to meet the needs of the customer.  This new innovative product can be upgraded over time while still delivering excellent product quality.

The Cyclomix™ Expert is available in Airspray (HTI, HPA, HTV), Airmix®, and Airless (up to 200 bar) configurations to meet the needs of our customers.

Kremlin has already experienced success selling many 2K & 3K CYCLOMIX EXPERTS in France, China, and USA in the following markets:

–               Rolling stock (SNCF in Europe)

–               Automotive plastics (HUAWEI in Asia)

–               Military applications (CARC in the USA)

–               Wood – Recycling of used products (OMEGA in the USA)

–               Hydraulic cylinders  (MONARCH in Canada)

–               Installation of oil drills (LOADCRAFT in the USA)

To learn more about this great new product, give us a call today at  1-800-573-5554!