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2013 AWFS Woodworking Tradeshow

header-infoEXEL North America, Inc. – Kremlin Rexson is exhibiting in booth 4239 at the 2013 AWFS Woodworking Fair. The show will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center located in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 24 – 27, 2013.

Please register today to join us for this exciting event!

Please click on the link below to register to attend 2013 AWFS:
2013 AWFS Registration

Exhibit Hall Pricing:
Register By June 29, 2013 – $25
Register After June 29, 2013 or at the event – $50

We would like to invite you to visit our booth to see our New Kremlin EOS Finishing Systems, PU3000 Electro-Mechanical 2k System, Cyclomix™ Micro Meter Mixing System, Xcite™ Airmix® Manual Spray gun, and other manual and automatic application equipment.

We are also promoting our “Spray Before You Pay” Program that allows you to TEST DRIVE the best spray equipment on the market before you actually buy it.

We will also be demonstrating the benefits of using Kremlin Airmix® versus conventional spray technology. You will see the significant benefits of using Airmix® over conventional spray technologies – You will be amazed!

Introducing our EOS Finishing System with Xcite™ Airmix® Manual Spray gun!

The EOS Finishing System and Xcite Airmix® Manual Spray gun will improve your finishing applications by:

*Delivering up to 86% Transfer Efficiency

*Reducing Material Cost up to 50%

*Delivering a Fine Quality Finish with Less Overspray

Visit us and see what our customers are saying about their proven savings!  Take advantage of our “Spray Before You Pay” program to test drive our newest products before you purchase them.

(Click on each product photo to view literature)


New EOS Finishing System with Xcite Airmix® Manual Spray gun


PU3000 Electro-Mechanical Mixing System


Xcite Airmix® Manual Spray gun

Cyclomix Micro Green

Cyclomix Micro Meter Mixing System

AVX gun

AVX Airmix® Automatic Spray gun


How much paint savings do you get when using electronic proportioners vs mechanical plural component systems?

We did a hands on demonstration at our labs at EXEL North America in Plymouth, MI in our Automotive and General Finishing and Dispense Systems Laboratories. We compared our Cyclomix Micro Electronic Proportioner with our PU2160 Mechanical Proportioner for 2 Component material paint and coatings. The savings were quite substantial in favor of the electronic proportioning system.

See the video here:

Better than Hand Mixing for Metal Parts Painting of Car Wash Equipment

EXEL North America has been successfully working with customers whom specialize in manufacturing car wash equipment in the metal parts painting market.

EXEL North America, in partnership with their local Solution and Service Center, Air Electric Tool & Equipment located in Florida, worked with Sonny’s Enterprises to replace their hand mixing process for finishing their car washing equipment. EXEL North America was able to develop a solution using our Cyclomix™ Micro and (4) 17A2 Kremlin pumps.

With the help of Air Electric Tool & Equipment, EXEL North America was able to provide Sonny’s Enterprises with a system that delivered the benefits of less waste generated, accurate coating mixing, and less labor costs.

The Sales advantages for the customer were that EXEL North America and Air Electric Tool & Equipment were able to supply a system that has improved their production, increased the quality of finish due to our Airmix® technology, and the material is catalyzed properly using our Cyclomix™ Micro instead of hand mixing the material.

For more information or questions, please email us at exelnasolutions@exel-na.com or email the Solution & Service center, Art Electric Tool & Equipment at: dmulhall@bellsouth.net.