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EXEL North America is pleased to announce the release of the New Kremlin Rexson EOS Pump Range!

EXEL North America is pleased to announce the release of the New Kremlin Rexson EOS Pump Range!

Kremlin Rexson has set the standard again for medium pressure solutions.  We are introducing the new EOS Pump Range with two pumps: 15-C25 and 30-C25. The New EOS Pump “Accelerates Performance” by delivering  Efficiency, Optimization, and Simplicity through its advancements in design, operation, and easier maintenance procedures.

The innovative design and quality components provide reliable performance and allow for simple maintenance, easy cleaning, and fast color changes while using minimal solvents.  The cost of ownership and operation is reduced to a minimum.

To lean more about this innovative line of pumps, please visit our website at:

You may also view our launching video at:

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EOS 15-C25

EOS 15-C25 Pump


Trailer Body Builder Magazine Talks NESHAP 6H EPA Paint Compliance for 2011

Trailer Body Builder Magazine is a great site and a magazine in the truck and trailer markets. Great market information and trending available through these guys. They had an article in their Jan 2011 issue highlighting the NESHAP 6H EPA paint rule that is going into effect in March. Read more at their site

One Size Fits All? Not when it comes to plural component proportioners

When does “One Size Fits All” really actually fit everyone. I hate this term. Especially when competitors use this term when they describe their plural component machines. One Size does not fit all. Are all manufacturers the same and are all plural component paint shops the same? Definitely not. That’s why Kremlin Rexson has three levels. Small, Medium and Large is how I describe them.

I describe our basic mechanical plural component proportioner (the PU2160F) as a Ford Fiesta.  It’s what you need when you need something still reliable, but you don’t need many options, and if you’re running only one fixed ratio and you’re tired of tossing out left over mixed materials. This system comes on a cart and sets up in 10 minutes and cleans up 10 minutes. It can pay for itself in a month depending on how much paint you use.

The mid line model (PU3000) is a hybrid electronic/mechanical plural component proportioner.  It’s like a Ford Fusion with basic accessories.  If you need mixing accuracies around 1% and variable ratios, but don’t want something complex or too expensive, then the PU3000 would fit you best.

The top line series is called the Cyclomix Expert. It’s the Lincoln Town-car with automatic park assist and the option that slows down your car when you use cruise control and get too close to another car. With a micro PLC built-in, we can customize this to report different usage reports, alarm logs, password protection and handle multiple colors. Even if you’re a small job shop, but you use expensive plural component paints, this system helps you keep your waste costs down and your management happy because of the quality performance increases you’ll get with this system.

And since we manufacture the Kremlin Rexson line, we can customize these “Off the Shelf” solutions to your needs. One Size Fits all. Yeah right.

Considering all your options when it comes to a paint system

During my morning cup of coffee I was thinking about why more and more manufacturers have been choosing EXEL North America and our products (Kremlin Rexson, Sames, and Johnstone). I even was thinking, why did I choose this company from the options of companies I could work for. And then I thought of the definition of the word.

Option (op•tion) ˈäp-shən
1. An Act of Choosing
2. The right to choose
3. Something that may be chosen
4. An offensive football play in which a back may choose whether to pass or run with the ball

I like the first two definitions because it makes me think of manufacturers out there that sometimes feel tied to the equipment that they have on their floor. One company we recently starting doing business with had Graco on their floor because they felt Graco was the only REAL option to consider for spray guns and pumps.

And then they met us – A one stop shopping experience. We could do the engineering required for sizing their paint kitchen correctly, make sure the robotic painters were positioned properly in the booth, dial in the settings of their paint applicators and 2K Gear pumps, and even work with their paint supplier to adjust the paint formulation to give them the best quality and finish on their products. There’s about 20 other things we did for them as well, but who likes to brag anyways.

Bottom line, we’re a great option if you might not engineering resources that have extensive paint finishing, coating, and dispense experience. We’re a great option if you want one company to handle everything from the paint kitchen to the spray gun/bell tip.

Am I selling our capabilities pretty heavily? Sure. It’s my job to do so.

Nevertheless, I just wanted you to know that you’ve got options – even if you feel like you don’t have any that are worth a hill of beans. And if you’re looking for the 4th definition of “option,” ok, we’ll be a running back too.

Dispensing sealants and adhesives with robots = my kind of fun.

Manufacturing plants are trying lean up and “six sigma” the heck out of every single process in their plant. When it comes to dispensing sealants and adhesives, whether it’s LASD or a wood sealer for kitchen cabinets, EXEL North America and Johnstone Dispense Systems have got you covered. I really don’t want to say the cliché “We sell you solutions.” But I just did. It’s true though. We work with material suppliers to develop new high viscosity products and the application methods to dispense sealants and adhesives FASTER, BETTER, and MORE ACCURATELY. How big is our lab exactly? It’s BIG.

Come by and see us to talk about a dispensing application you want to improve. Or start with just an email to

How much paint savings do you get when using electronic proportioners vs mechanical plural component systems?

We did a hands on demonstration at our labs at EXEL North America in Plymouth, MI in our Automotive and General Finishing and Dispense Systems Laboratories. We compared our Cyclomix Micro Electronic Proportioner with our PU2160 Mechanical Proportioner for 2 Component material paint and coatings. The savings were quite substantial in favor of the electronic proportioning system.

See the video here:

Caskets, Yeah, We’ll Paint Those Too

It’s not Halloween, but what better holiday than New Year’s to start painting caskets around here. Whether you need to paint a casket, or anything else like a casket, with a robot or by hand, we have the right spray application equipment and paint delivery systems for the job. Yes, even caskets get a nice class A Finish to their surface. Wood caskets or metal caskets, you name, we’ll paint it. You can use air assisted airless Kremlin Rexson manual spray guns or even SAMES electrostatic bells and electrostatic spray guns. Some caskets are painted with plural component materials and the components are automatically mixed with our Cyclomix Expert Metering system. To get the best quality though, we decided to do the entire system ourself so our customer only had to do 1-Stop shopping. No better way to start the year off than shipping in some caskets for painting.

Better than Hand Mixing for Metal Parts Painting of Car Wash Equipment

EXEL North America has been successfully working with customers whom specialize in manufacturing car wash equipment in the metal parts painting market.

EXEL North America, in partnership with their local Solution and Service Center, Air Electric Tool & Equipment located in Florida, worked with Sonny’s Enterprises to replace their hand mixing process for finishing their car washing equipment. EXEL North America was able to develop a solution using our Cyclomix™ Micro and (4) 17A2 Kremlin pumps.

With the help of Air Electric Tool & Equipment, EXEL North America was able to provide Sonny’s Enterprises with a system that delivered the benefits of less waste generated, accurate coating mixing, and less labor costs.

The Sales advantages for the customer were that EXEL North America and Air Electric Tool & Equipment were able to supply a system that has improved their production, increased the quality of finish due to our Airmix® technology, and the material is catalyzed properly using our Cyclomix™ Micro instead of hand mixing the material.

For more information or questions, please email us at or email the Solution & Service center, Art Electric Tool & Equipment at:

EXEL North America Announces….. NESHAP 6H – Paint Rule Compliance

On January 9, 2008, the EPA accepted a new standard known as the HAPs 6H rule to reduce the public’s health exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). The agency’s main objective is to significantly lessen the amount of HAPs released into the environment during paint stripping or surface coating operations.

During such work practices, the most dangerous chemicals, namely, methylene chloride (MeCl), cadmium, chromium, lead, manganese and nickel compounds, represent significant risk to employee health if proper engineering and administrative controls are not in place.

Because the requirements are extensive, the EPA is allowing existing facilities until January 11, 2011 to reach compliance. 

At EXEL North America, we have gathered information about the 6H Paint Rule and would like to share it with you.  For more information and a free copy of this document, please visit us at:

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 800.573.5554.

EXEL North America Beats out Binks & Graco in the Energy Market

EXEL North America has been successful working with customers whom specialize in manufacturing Mobile Drilling Rigs within the Energy market.

EXEL North America, in partnership with their local Solution and Service Center, EAH Austin Inc. located in Texas, worked with Loadcraft to replace their Binks and Graco spray finishing equipment.  EXEL North America was able to develop a solution using our innovative  2K Cyclomix™ Expert System with  Gun Flush boxes, and Dual controls to finish (spray paint) their mobile oil drilling rigs.

With the help of EAH Austin Inc., EXEL North America was able to provide Loadcraft with a 30%+ material cost savings of their material consumption.  Previously, they lost $100,000.00 in wasted mixed materials due to their manual mixing process.    VOCs were reduced, the quality of the finish was improved due to atomization used by Airmix technology for the primer and topcoat, and Loadcraft increased their production by reducing cycle time to create additional thru parts.

The Sales advantages for the customer were that EXEL North America and EAH were able to supply a system that can manage (2) spray booths with one Cyclomix™ Expert for the Primer and one for the Top Coat (Dual booth controls).  We were also able to include the Dual Gun Management system as each booth has (2) guns per material ((2) for Primer and (2) for Top Coat).  These features weren’t offered by our competitors.

For more information or questions, please email us at or email the Solution & Service center, EAH Austin Inc. at:

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