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Considering all your options when it comes to a paint system

During my morning cup of coffee I was thinking about why more and more manufacturers have been choosing EXEL North America and our products (Kremlin Rexson, Sames, and Johnstone). I even was thinking, why did I choose this company from the options of companies I could work for. And then I thought of the definition of the word.

Option (op•tion) ˈäp-shən
1. An Act of Choosing
2. The right to choose
3. Something that may be chosen
4. An offensive football play in which a back may choose whether to pass or run with the ball

I like the first two definitions because it makes me think of manufacturers out there that sometimes feel tied to the equipment that they have on their floor. One company we recently starting doing business with had Graco on their floor because they felt Graco was the only REAL option to consider for spray guns and pumps.

And then they met us – A one stop shopping experience. We could do the engineering required for sizing their paint kitchen correctly, make sure the robotic painters were positioned properly in the booth, dial in the settings of their paint applicators and 2K Gear pumps, and even work with their paint supplier to adjust the paint formulation to give them the best quality and finish on their products. There’s about 20 other things we did for them as well, but who likes to brag anyways.

Bottom line, we’re a great option if you might not engineering resources that have extensive paint finishing, coating, and dispense experience. We’re a great option if you want one company to handle everything from the paint kitchen to the spray gun/bell tip.

Am I selling our capabilities pretty heavily? Sure. It’s my job to do so.

Nevertheless, I just wanted you to know that you’ve got options – even if you feel like you don’t have any that are worth a hill of beans. And if you’re looking for the 4th definition of “option,” ok, we’ll be a running back too.


Dispensing sealants and adhesives with robots = my kind of fun.

Manufacturing plants are trying lean up and “six sigma” the heck out of every single process in their plant. When it comes to dispensing sealants and adhesives, whether it’s LASD or a wood sealer for kitchen cabinets, EXEL North America and Johnstone Dispense Systems have got you covered. I really don’t want to say the cliché “We sell you solutions.” But I just did. It’s true though. We work with material suppliers to develop new high viscosity products and the application methods to dispense sealants and adhesives FASTER, BETTER, and MORE ACCURATELY. How big is our lab exactly? It’s BIG.

Come by and see us to talk about a dispensing application you want to improve. Or start with just an email to

NESHAP Compliance Forms Due January 11th

Did you get your NESHAP Forms in on Jan. 11th? If you’re a metal finishing paint shop, I sure hope you did. HVLP Technology or better, that’s what you need in your metal finishing and metal painting paint shop. Whether is a Graco Pump with a Binks HVLP Spray Gun, or you’re looking at ITW Devilbiss, make sure you get this done. It can cost you $75,000 per day in fines. Full compliance is due only 3 months in March. EXEL North America manufactures some of the best Kremlin Rexson and Sames alternatives to Graco, ITW, Nordson, Wagner … you name it. And we also offer NESHAP compliance training and fill out all your paperwork with you, and we do this all across North America. Contact us if you’re interested –

See our NESHAP Compliance Quick Overview video we presented at the National Trailer Dealers Association this past October

New Steel Barrel Paint Production System by EXEL North America with Kremlin Rexson Paint Spray Equipment

See the new high transfer efficiency, automatic spray gun system for painting steel barrels.

How much paint savings do you get when using electronic proportioners vs mechanical plural component systems?

We did a hands on demonstration at our labs at EXEL North America in Plymouth, MI in our Automotive and General Finishing and Dispense Systems Laboratories. We compared our Cyclomix Micro Electronic Proportioner with our PU2160 Mechanical Proportioner for 2 Component material paint and coatings. The savings were quite substantial in favor of the electronic proportioning system.

See the video here:

Caskets, Yeah, We’ll Paint Those Too

It’s not Halloween, but what better holiday than New Year’s to start painting caskets around here. Whether you need to paint a casket, or anything else like a casket, with a robot or by hand, we have the right spray application equipment and paint delivery systems for the job. Yes, even caskets get a nice class A Finish to their surface. Wood caskets or metal caskets, you name, we’ll paint it. You can use air assisted airless Kremlin Rexson manual spray guns or even SAMES electrostatic bells and electrostatic spray guns. Some caskets are painted with plural component materials and the components are automatically mixed with our Cyclomix Expert Metering system. To get the best quality though, we decided to do the entire system ourself so our customer only had to do 1-Stop shopping. No better way to start the year off than shipping in some caskets for painting.

Paintshop Fires Do Happen

What happens when your paint shop catches on fire. Paint robots get crispy, the walls get charred, paint lines melt and fuse into color valves, and your million dollar paint system is rendered kaput. Amazingly enough we’ve been requested by too many companies that want to use equipment that is not rated for hazardous environments, and we won’t deal with them. Those companies will buy their equipment from a supplier with less integrity and they literally will play with fire and with the safety of their workers. What is worse though, are the customers that install our equipment properly, and we come in, install it, and setup it up properly. But some of these guys will actually disable safety measures that we put in place. For example, one customer disabled the electrostatic safeties put in place in an automotive paint shop. Why? Because they taught a new body style and did not want to take the time to program the electrostatic limits that would shut off electrostatics in case of sparking. These prevent robots from turning into flame throwers. And what happens? Painting cars, painting cars, painting cars, and then … spark/flash/bang … voila….. a robotic flame thrower. Although it may sound like a fun thing to watch, it is life threatening and frightening experience. Imagine an electrostatic spark triggering a robot to turn into a flame thrower. Imagine this flame thrower then going to the solvent purge tank while continuously torching everything. Kaboom. And then imagine that someone forgot to turn on the water to the safety sprinklers after a routine maintenance the weekend before. What a nightmare.

Sometimes fires will still occur, even when you program in your safety measures and safety protocols. Regardless of the cause of fire, EXEL North America and our Advanced Technology Team have a respected track record of responding to paint shop fires and getting customers back up and running in a minimal amount of time. So if you have to go through the horrible experience of having a paint shop fire, call us 743-979-0100 or email us at and we’ll send in our Paintshop Fire Response team and get you back up and running ASAP. But please call 911 first of course.

Now That’s What I Call a Fluid Delivery System

Not only did we install a robotic system for painting wind blades, but we put the robot on long rails and had the multiple component system track with it. We customized our Cyclomix Expert System to handle the many multiple component paints and gel coat. More info on robotic spray gun systems at and see some robotic application videos at

How to do an Effective Electrostatic Demo

I found this oldie but goodie article from the archives on how to do electrostatic demonstrations.  This is one of those pieces of advice that still holds true today and never goes out of style….. I don’t know who wrote it.  But I do know they work for us!

“….While doing electrostatic demos in the past, I frequently asked the customer how my competitor did during his demo. I usually heard very bad comments like:

• His equipment didn’t work!

• Black stuff came out of his pump!

• He didn’t have the right gun!

• His nozzle was wrong!

In general, my competitor just wasn’t prepared! Was I glad that wasn’t me because I would never do a demo that unprepared! Now it was my opportunity to show the customer my “stuff”. I started to carry my demo equipment into the plant (three trips to my car).

Assembly took me almost 30 minutes and of course, I was missing an air hose. I asked the customer for quick disconnect fitting and another 15 minutes went by. The real problem came when I asked the customer for a 5 gallon bucket (clean, of course). He found a bucket that was currently used as a trash can and made an attempt to scrape it clean. Another half hour. Obviously, the customer was not impressed, as we were not spraying paint yet.

Finally 1½ hours later, we have the paint in the system but for some reason it s not wrapping and I find out that the black paint has carbon in it and it is shorting out the electrostatics. On the way back to the office, I am very discouraged and frustrated. Then it dawns on me – “I am my competitor”. I just made the same mistakes that I was laughing at him for doing. I thought could never be that stupid. Boy, it was a long ride back to the office.

During this drive, I started to think. I don’t have to worry about my competition. “I am my competition.” I lost this sale by myself. It was totally my fault as the term “the easiest way to lose a sale is to do a demo” entered my mind.

Then I started to get mad at myself. How could I be so stupid? What can I do so this never happens again? My brain went into the “deep thought” process. “Yes, I do believe I can plan so that this doesn’t happen again and my close ratio on sales will certainly go up as I can then be in control of the situation.”

This is what I decided I must do:

1. All equipment must be cart mounted.

2. All equipment must be assembled – all hoses, fittings, etc. This eliminates any chance of leaving things at the shop.

I must bring with me:

  • Five Gallon bucket with line
  • One gallon cans (new)
  • Rags
  • Solvent for cleaning (one gallon)
  • Zahn cup or Afnor 4 cur
  • Stop Watch
  • Quick disconnect fittings (6 stems will cover most customers)
  • Cart must have an air blow gun (non safety) or a ball valve for quick easy tip cleaning
  • Solvent for conductivity adjustment
  • Paint Meter
  • Anything else?

Yes, this sounds like I have everything and I’ll really be organized and prepared, but what about that “black” hot paint?

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PU3000 Innovative Two Component Pumping System

EXEL North America is pleased to announce the release of the PU3000®  Innovative 2K Pumping System.

The PU3000® is a Cost Effective,  Electro-Pneumatic System that uses “Free Pulse Technology – FPE” which is suitable for a wide range of applications.  It is Easy to Operate and Easy to Install.

Here are the Key Points related to the PU3000®:

1.  Constant Metering Control

2.  Free Pulse Electronic Control – FPE

3.  Data Storage of Material Consumption + VOC

4.  Auto Maintenance Reminder

The PU3000® is a flexible 2K System that can be used in the following markets:  Wood, Metal and Plastics markets. 

Give us a call today  at 1-800-573-5554 to learn more about this great new 2K Pumping system.