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Kremlin Rexson PU3000 Plural Component Electro-Mechanical Mixing Equipment

EXEL North America is pleased to introduce the New Kremlin Rexson PU3000! 

The PU3000 incorporates a unique “Plug and Play” concept for mixing two component paints.  The patented “Pulse Free Control” technology delivers pulsation free performance for improved quality of mixing and application.  Electronic, variable-ratio pumps insure accurate, reliable mixing and controlled fluid delivery.  The control panel can be remote mounted or machine mounted.

If you currently hot-pot (hand mix) and have infrequent color changes, this is the perfect machine for you!  On average, the PU3000 will save or add about 50 minutes of production time each day.  The PU3000 will reduce material waste and facilitate faster clean-up, which significantly lowers operational costs.

We also offer a PU3000pH unit specifically designed for acid catalyzed materials.

The PU3000 is great for applying primers and top coats to metal, plastics and wood.  

Here are some examples of materials used in the industry:

Solvent or Water-based Coatings
• Polyurethanes
• MS Polymers
• Primers
• Silicon
• Lacquers
• Epoxy
• Glues
• Acid-Catalyst Top Coats

We have had proven successes with the PU3000 in the following Markets:

• Truck & Trailer
• Farm Equipment
• Heavy Machinery
• Military & Military Suppliers
• Oil Field Equipment
• OIL & Gas Markets
• Wood
We are excited to be launching this great New Product.  To lean more about this innovative PU3000 2K equipment, please visit our website at:

You may also contact EXEL North America at 800.573.5554 or email our marketing team at

Kremlin Rexson – We are the Experts in Fluid and Dispensing Solutions for over 80 years!

We have many experienced and capable distributors ready to assist you with your needs today!

Contact us today to learn more about the new PU3000 and to locate a dealer near you.

SAMES InoBell® Powder Bell Technology

EXEL North America, Inc. – Manufacturer of SAMES Manual and Automatic Powder Coating Equipment and Solutions. 

To meet the requirement of companies looking to improve paint saving, SAMES has designed the InoBell®.   The InoBell® is a high transfer efficiency applicator that offers extreme uniformity and high finish quality. 

One of the benefits of the InoBell® is that the spray pattern can be the size of 2 to 3 guns. The powder flow of the InoBell® can be twice as much as a gun. Uniformity across the part is the best with InoBell®.  Gun finishing can provide large fluctuations in film build.  The InoBell® provides Excellent Regularity of Film Build – The quality of finish meets the most stringent and tight DOI criteria (quality of reflection).  It also provides High Flow Rates and less applicators – just one powder bell can replace two guns as it can efficiently apply powder at flows in excess up to 30 kg/h.  

InoBell® provides the highest electrostatic charge of any applicator with a rotating electrode even at high flow rates.  Simply put – InoBell® provides the highest flow of charged powder with a soft pattern to provide:
  • Higher First Pass Transfer Efficiency
  • Better Uniformity 
  • High Finish Quality
EXEL North America, Inc. has had a recent success using the InoBell® with an Office Furniture Manufacturer.  We replaced (2) of their guns with a powder flow of 616g/min with (1) fixed InoBell® with a powder flow of 249g/min.  The customer is also not reclaiming the powder.  

The outcome was that the customer had an improved finish quality, uniformity, and a 35% powder savings!!  We have also had a few more success with the new SAMES InoBell®.

To learn more about this great new product and its successes, please contact EXEL North America, Inc. at 1.800.573.5554 (USA) or 1.416.431.5017 (Canada). 

Below is the link to our InoBell®  Product Information and videos:

You may also email our marketing team at  or visit our corporate website:

To learn more about this new innovative product, call us today!

Kremlin Rexson Proves Success with Waterborne Interior Composites Paint for Automotive Market

Recently, EXEL North America (Manufacturer of Kremlin Rexson) partnered with their local Solution & Service Center, SOT Abrasives and Equipment located in San Antonio, Texas to help an automotive customer create a solution that would finish interior plastic parts for a new division that had moved to the area. 

Toyoda Gosei located in San Antonio, Texas is the interior components division of Toyota and they were looking for a solution that would finish the interior plastic parts of their Tundra and Tacoma model trucks.  The problem was, this facility had never finished these plastic parts with a waterborne material so it was a new process for them. 

EXEL North America and SOT Abrasives & Equipment were asked to come into the facility and offer expert advice on how to spray with a waterborne coating while delivering a fine finish with less overspray.  Toyoda Gosei needed a proven solution to be installed very quickly and that is what EXEL North America and SOT delivered.

Toyoda Gosei currently has a Fanuc Robot application and their previous equipment consisted of solvent based product diaphragm pump and HVLP applications.  Toyoda Gosei needed a high-efficiency system compatible with their new 1K Waterborne composite paint and they needed it installed very quickly! 

Bud Slover and Phil Baker of SOT and Tom Dean with EXEL North America met with the Toyoda team that consisted of Simon Barcena, Jorge Cortes, and John Castillo to discuss the solution and action plan.  They agreed upon an installation date, the order was placed, and shipped immediately for delivery. 

The following equipment was quoted and installed:

(1) AVX Automatic Airmix® gun on the end of a Fanuc Robot

(2) Flowmax® Pumps – (1) for the waterborne material and (1) for flushing

(1) CTM – Color Change Valve (Paint – Flush)

(1) Circulation Valve

Several Fluid Pressure Regulators

(1) Customized stand for the Kremlin Rexson equipment

Within 15 days from quoting the job, the equipment was installed.  After the equipment was installed, product trials went off perfectly!  Within the first hour of trials, the parts were ready for production vehicles.  This was a very fast implementation and installation by EXEL North America, SOT Abrasives and Equipment and the team at Toyoda.  It only took two days to program and integrate the Kremlin Rexson equipment with the Fanuc Robot. 

EXEL North America and SOT Abrasives and Equipment was able to provide Toyoda Gosei a system that delivered a fine finish with a much lower overspray than any other finishing application in their facility.  We will continue to work with Toyota to help them improve their processes and save them money in the long run!

This is just one of many successes for our SSC network and EXEL North America.  To learn more about the Kremlin Rexson product line, please visit our website at:

For more information or questions about this great success story, please email us at or email the Solution & Service center, SOT Abrasives & Equipment at:

View more success stories like these at:

Kremlin Rexson Cyclomix™ Micro & EOS Pump Reduces Labor Costs & Increases Productivity for Major Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

EXEL North America worked with Olympic Kitchen, one of the largest kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada, to reduce their labor and increase  production.  They have been a Kremlin Rexson customer for over 16 years. 

Olympic Kitchens discovered that their 2k materials were not being manually mixed properly. Therefore, they were looking to reduce labor time and simplify the process.  Their application consisted of an automatic  flat-line with a three-circuit Venjakob machine.

Olympic Kitchens offers custom finished kitchens with catalyzed materials.   They are currently using a 2K primer, colors, lacquer, and 1K sealer.  As part of their production process, they needed to make sure that the catalyst was being mixed properly.  Their existing equipment consisted of the Kremlin Rexson 16-120 pumps, Manual Airmix® & Airspray technology, and ATX guns for the flatline machine.

EXEL North America met with Olympic Kitchens and explained the advantages and benefits of upgrading their current Kremlin Rexson equipment to newly, innovative equipment that would reduce their need for manual labor and increase productivity in their facility.

To optimize Olympic Kitchens performance, EXEL North America was able to show how the CyclomixMicro would enable them to have a more precise control in mixing fresh 2k material  when they needed it.  This equipment also delivered timed flushing sequences and volume control.  EXEL North America installed the following Kremlin Rexson equipment into their facility:

  • Cyclomix™ Micro PH 3 + 1
  • 5 + 1 Color kit
  • (1) 20-25F PH for the catalyst
  • (2) 16-120F Kremlin Rexson Pumps
  • (2) 5 Gallon Agitators with lids
  • (3) 55 Gallon Agitators with lids
  • (1) 15c-25 EOS Pump for solvent
  • Airmix® regulators & filters for outbound pressures

EXEL North America was able to analyze their current situation and offer a more suitable solution that would deliver a better “Return on Investment” and reduce their labor costs.

Now, they have a 6-12 month ROI based on less personnel needed to manually mix the 2K materials.  There is no need to re-paint or touch-up because the material is now properly catalyzed.   Finally, the dedicated pumps for the (5) 2k colors deliver a quicker color change with increased productivity.

For more information or questions, please email us at or call us in the US at 1.800.573.5554 or in Canada at 1.800.450.0655. For product literature and brochures, please visit our website at

Let EXEL North America help you increase your ROI today!  Give us a call!

Olympic Kitchen Cyclomix Micro PH 3+1 System

Olympic Kitchen Cyclomix Micro PH 3+1 System

Olympic Kitchens Pumping Systems

Kremlin Rexson Airmix® Equipment used for Vertical Cabinet Finishing Systems

The Kremlin Rexson Vertical Cabinet Finishing System is designed to automatically finish ran­dom shaped parts conveyed on an overhead monorail conveyor though on a vertical finishing line.  The system will automatically finish parts with a back-to-back finishing system for stains and glazes, sealers and top coats.

  • The face and edges of the doors and frames will be uniformly coated
  • The system will be easy to control
  • The system can be designed to run at speeds up to 20 fpm conveyor speeds (Speeds in excess on 20 fpm need to be tested)
  • The sealer/top coat will be uniformly applied with little, if any, manual touch up, even with shaker profile area doors
  • The incoming doors and face frames can be any length; however, are limited to a 48” vertical window. They can be hung in any elevation within the 48” window
  • The Parts ID system will automatically identify the incoming parts and only spray the parts

This system will provide a uniform controlled film build while at the same time generate an A.T.E. (Applica­tion Transfer Efficiency) in the range of 65%. The system is operator friendly.  The uniformity of the film build will be controlled by the system, and not the operators’ ability.

The guns will only trigger when the parts are present. Vertical systems are designed to apply a controlled film build on the door, drawer fronts and face frames, and all edges. The system is designed to avoid coating the backs of face frames which will improve the glue areas.

The system provides a RFV2000 two-meter reciprocator at each of the two sealer/top coat spray  frames, will be automatically detected as they pass through the part ID
identification system. When the parts enter in the finishing area, the AVX Airmix® guns, will coat the front face of the part, and the two remaining edges. This combination will pro­vide uniform coverage. Because the coatings tend to dry to fast for wet-on-wet edge coverage, each of the four edges must be finished completely in one booth.

Control System

The Control System will be controlled by our PLC driven System Controller.  The System Controller will control the two RFV2000 reciprocators and all 10 or 12 Airmix® spray guns. The controller will monitor the conveyor speed and part movement. When the conveyor is on and parts are entering the booth, the System Controller will trigger the guns as required to uniformly coat the parts. When he conveyor is shut off, the controls will automatically turn the spray guns ff. When the conveyor is restarted, the guns will resume their programmed

The system will read in the part profile as the part travels through a curtain. This profile will be stored in the PLC and transferred down line to the two opposing reciprocators. One reciprocator will be used to paint the front of the part and the other will paint the back of the part. The gun positions will be preset and each gun will have a specific task. An encoder
will be used to track the conveyor movement. The recipro­cator will be a continuous chain type and will be capable of running at speeds up to 350 fpm.  The  system will setup to track this high-speed reciprocator. Two intrinsically safe sensors will be supplied for each re­ciprocator. One sensor will be used to determine the home position of the reciprocator.  The other sensor will be used to track the incremental pulses of the reciprocator as it travels back and forth.

AVX Airmix®

The heart of the system is the Airmix® application system.   Airmix® provides paint application controls that are unmatched. These include:

Forward Velocity Controlled to 2 fps

Other systems are four to five fps and higher. The more con­trolled the forward velocity is the less paint bounces off the substrate which results in
higher transfer efficiency rates.

Controlled Paint Distribution in the Fan Pattern

Airmix® provides uniform paint distribution from the edge of the pattern to its middle. Other systems provide a heavy center, which leads to overlap problems.

Controlled Particle Size Distribution

Airmix® produces a uniform atomized particle size. Other systems have a large size particle range which makes high transfer rates very difficult. Additionally, the controlled range
helps minimize color contamination problems when striping or with different colored heads.

Excellent Equipment UpTime

With the field-replaceable Delrin seat insert and the self-wear adjusting Rulon fluid cartridge, equipment up time is “second to none” in the industry.

For more information or questions, please email us at  or call us at 1.800.573.5554.  For product literature and brochures, please visit our website at

Kremlin Rexson Equipment Reduces Coating Waste for Major Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

EXEL North America partnered with one of the largest kitchen cabinet manufacturers in North America to reduce their coating wastes and improve finish consistency.  Due to production requirements, all 2K coatings needed to be accurately and freshly mixed with no down time during color change. This required a large quantity of 2K mixing machines to be installed at each spray booth.

The kitchen cabinet manufacturer’s application consists of hand spraying cabinets on an overhead conveyor.  They were using a hand mixing method and needed to improve their process as there was considerable paint waste and inconsistencies in the mix quality.  They are applying an acid catalyzed clear coat and pigmented base coats.  These coatings needed to be ready to spray at all times during production hours without any problems.  EXEL North America was able to eliminate the hand mixing process and improve the finish quality.

EXEL North America analyzed the process and offered a more suitable solution that would provide a better “Return on Investment” and reduce coating wastes.

To optimize the kitchen cabinet manufacturer’s performance and reduce their coating wastes, EXEL North America installed the following equipment into their facility:

  • (70+) Cyclomix™ Micro pH Machines
  • (100+) Airmix® fluid regulators
  • (10+) 20-220FPH and 20-25FPH catalyst pumps
  • (100+) Xcite® guns

EXEL North America was able to help the kitchen cabinet manufacturer reduce coating usage and waste and eliminate the manual labor associated with hand mixing.  For pigmented coatings, they expect an ROI within 12-15 months.  On clear coatings, they expect an ROI of 24-30 months.

EXEL NA is currently quoting additional 2K equipment for a few more of their locations.  We hope to continue to optimize their performance and reduce their coating waste by showing them the best options available by using the equipment that Kremlin Rexson manufactures.

The customer is so pleased with the performance of the Kremlin Rexson equipment that they have standardized this process at various locations throughout North America.

Kremlin Rexson is the world’s leading manufacturer of complete plural component equipment solutions for acid catalyzed coating applications.

For more information or questions, please email us at or call us at 1.800.573.5554.   For product literature and brochures, please visit our website at

Kremlin Rexson Equipment

Kremlin Rexson Creates Paint and Labor Savings for Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

EXEL North America worked with Monarch Industries located in Winnipeg, Canada to reduce their Work-In-Process Time  (WIP).   Monarch’s goal was to be the best manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders.

Monarch Industries application consisted of automatic hydraulic cylinder finishing with an overhead monorail conveyor system.  They were using manual Graco Electrostatic equipment and running three shifts with approximately 10 people per shift.  Monarch was producing 2000 cylinders per day  with varying batch sizes while each cylinder needed to be primed and top coated.  The primer was a one color 2k epoxy, and the top coat was a 2k urethane in various colors.

EXEL North America was able to analyze their current situation and offer a more suitable solution that would offer a better Return on Investment.  To optimize Monarch’s performance, create a long-term paint savings, and reduce the amount of labor, EXEL North America installed the following Kremlin Rexson equipment in Monarch’s facility:

  • 04-120 and 04-220 Flowmax® circulation pumping systems
  • AD-60 Paint Heaters
  • 55 Gallon Agitator and cover lifts
  • Two Cyclomix™ Experts for Primer (one manual and one auto)
  • Two Cyclomix™ Experts for Top Coat (one manual and one automatic)
  • Two Spraymium™ Primer Electrostatic spray guns for primer touch up
  • Two Spraymium™ Top Coat Electrostatic spray guns for top coat touchup
  • Primer automatic application system, RFV2400 dual axis reciprocator following system
    with three PPH308’s
  • Top Coat automatic application system with RFV2400 dual axis reciprocator following
    system with three PPH308

One of the reasons this was a success was because the RFV2400 system allowed us to only spray on the apex of the cylinders, which provided a much higher Transfer Efficiency rate than previous systems.  The system allows for rapid color change with fresh urethane at all times and we were able to control  the process with an RFID control system.

EXEL North America was able to help Monarch Industries save on their painting costs.  The paint costs went from $1.50 per average  cylinder down to $1.00 per cylinder.   With the new system in place, all cylinders are finished during one shift while the old system required three shifts with 10 people on each  shift.  In addition to paint costs savings, we were able to create a labor savings of approximately 20 people.

For more information or questions, please email us at or call  us at 1.800.573.5554.  For product  and brochures, please visit our website at

Monarch Industries New System

EAH Equipment Success with Painting Trailers and Drilling Rigs with Kremlin Rexson Equipment

Products Finishing did an article on the success story by the Kremlin Rexson distributor, EAH Equipment (Austin, TX).

Loadcraft switches to new paint system for drilling rigs.

When part-time oilman Terry McIver went to Brady, TX in 2004 to buy a used drilling rig, he was surprised to find the company he was visiting was going bankrupt. Brady left with the oil rig, but a few months later he went back and bought the company.
Article From: Products Finishing, Tim Pennington, Editor
Posted on: 4/1/2011

Loadcraft builds and paints trailers and rigs that must have a durable coat in often harsh weather conditions.

When part-time oilman Terry McIver went to Brady, TX in 2004 to buy a used drilling rig, he was surprised to find the company he was visiting was going bankrupt and had just two employees left from over 200 it had a year earlier.

Brady left with the oil rig, but a few months later he went back and bought the company.  Today, Loadcraft is booming as it designs and manufactures trailers and drilling rigs, some of which can cost $9 million.

But with a watchful eye on the economy and the mood swings of the oil industry, Loadcraft’s manufacturing department sought a better, more economical way to paint its trailers and rigs than what they had been doing.

“We wanted to get away from mixing everything by hand,” says Tim Perry, Loadcraft’s paint manager. “Let’s say there was a lot of human error involved.”

For example, they were using a zinc rich epoxy primer and a urethane topcoat on its mobile drilling rigs, but often saw much of the paint go to waste because of the hand mixing.

“It wasn’t efficient to mix six gallons and have two gallons left over that went to scrap,” Perry says. “We thought it would take that much, but you just never know.”

Loadcraft had been using an airless spray system, but after examining several different options settled on Kremlin Rexson Cyclomix system (manufactured by EXEL North America) that automatically mixes the paint and reduces excess waste.

EXEL North America rep Tom Dean at EAH Equipment (Austin, TX) helped install a system for two spray booths for the primer and topcoat, as well as a dual gun management system for a pair of spray guns in each booth.

Dean says the new set-up cuts down Loadcraft’s waste by more than 30%, and estimates the savings to the company at about $100,000 annually.

“Loadcraft had calculated their wa based on the mixed material that was left over from hand mixing,” he says. “They were also spraying with conventional and airless application equipment. We also have the ability now to record actual usage on A side, B side and solvent material being sprayed. We have no left over mixed material besides what is in the hoses to be flushed.”

The Kremlin Rexson Cyclomix Expert can manage up to 24 components (bases, catalysts, flushing solvents), and can handle mono, bi- or tri-component materials. The machine is programmed on a color screen with ratio/tolerance data assist management to monitor material consumptions.

By properly handling the mix, Loadcraft also reduced its VOC output, Dean says.

“We also reduced the solvent flush cycles,” he says. “They now use 50 feet of ¼-inch hose versus large high-pressure pumps and pressure pots that required a large amount of solvent.”

Loadcraft opted for automatic flush boxes which are located in the spraying area, close to the painter so that it enables the person to be hands free while system is flushing.

Perry says having the system programmed to run according to designated specifications is a time saver, as well as a money saver.

“To have it all tied back into a computer is really helpful,” he says. “We had to learn the little tips and tricks to get it set up right, but it went very smoothly.”

Loadcraft specializes in design and manufacturing of 250-2000 horsepower drilling and work over rigs, as well as trailers, dollies, beams, and multi-axle components to support the heavy haul and oilfield transportation industries.

Since McIver brought the company out of bankruptcy, the facilities have expanded to include everything from a machine shop, three weld production lines, an on-site testing area, a vast warehouse and an indoor assembly area.

The company’s equipment can be found anywhere from the San Juan Basin in New Mexico to the deserts of Oman. In the past several years, more than 130 rigs and close to 900 trailers have been shipped to Argentina, Columbia, Kuwait, Chad, Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Libya, Venezuela, India, Ecuador, Russia, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Iran.

That means the paint finish needs to last, especially in 130˚ heat in the Middle East.

“We’ve had good results with the finish so far,” Perry says.

Dean says he can see a better finish with his company’s Kremlin Rexson Airmix Atomization system than the old method Loadcraft was using with airless and conventional spray.

“With airless, the high pressure method would create a dull overall finish due to the lower atomization characteristics of airless spray,” he says. “The Airmix Atomization delivers the material at a very low velocity of 2 ft/sec versus 4 ft/sec with airless and 30 ft/sec with conventional.”

Dean says the Airmix uses a specially designed aircap to provide a smooth and even finish.

“The aircap helps to evenly atomize the paint as it leaves the fluid tip,” he says. “The even atomization allows the paint to be broken down into smaller particles, which provides the best coat with minimal defects or orange peel.”

For more information on EXEL North America products, please call 800-573-5554 or visit

EXEL North America is pleased to announce the release of the New Kremlin Rexson EOS Pump Range!

EXEL North America is pleased to announce the release of the New Kremlin Rexson EOS Pump Range!

Kremlin Rexson has set the standard again for medium pressure solutions.  We are introducing the new EOS Pump Range with two pumps: 15-C25 and 30-C25. The New EOS Pump “Accelerates Performance” by delivering  Efficiency, Optimization, and Simplicity through its advancements in design, operation, and easier maintenance procedures.

The innovative design and quality components provide reliable performance and allow for simple maintenance, easy cleaning, and fast color changes while using minimal solvents.  The cost of ownership and operation is reduced to a minimum.

To lean more about this innovative line of pumps, please visit our website at:

You may also view our launching video at:

You may also contact EXEL North America at 800.573.5554 or email our marketing team at

Contact us today to learn how you can get your new EOS Pump!

EOS 15-C25

EOS 15-C25 Pump

Trailer Body Builder Magazine Talks NESHAP 6H EPA Paint Compliance for 2011

Trailer Body Builder Magazine is a great site and a magazine in the truck and trailer markets. Great market information and trending available through these guys. They had an article in their Jan 2011 issue highlighting the NESHAP 6H EPA paint rule that is going into effect in March. Read more at their site