One Size Fits All? Not when it comes to plural component proportioners

When does “One Size Fits All” really actually fit everyone. I hate this term. Especially when competitors use this term when they describe their plural component machines. One Size does not fit all. Are all manufacturers the same and are all plural component paint shops the same? Definitely not. That’s why Kremlin Rexson has three levels. Small, Medium and Large is how I describe them.

I describe our basic mechanical plural component proportioner (the PU2160F) as a Ford Fiesta.  It’s what you need when you need something still reliable, but you don’t need many options, and if you’re running only one fixed ratio and you’re tired of tossing out left over mixed materials. This system comes on a cart and sets up in 10 minutes and cleans up 10 minutes. It can pay for itself in a month depending on how much paint you use.

The mid line model (PU3000) is a hybrid electronic/mechanical plural component proportioner.  It’s like a Ford Fusion with basic accessories.  If you need mixing accuracies around 1% and variable ratios, but don’t want something complex or too expensive, then the PU3000 would fit you best.

The top line series is called the Cyclomix Expert. It’s the Lincoln Town-car with automatic park assist and the option that slows down your car when you use cruise control and get too close to another car. With a micro PLC built-in, we can customize this to report different usage reports, alarm logs, password protection and handle multiple colors. Even if you’re a small job shop, but you use expensive plural component paints, this system helps you keep your waste costs down and your management happy because of the quality performance increases you’ll get with this system.

And since we manufacture the Kremlin Rexson line, we can customize these “Off the Shelf” solutions to your needs. One Size Fits all. Yeah right.


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