General Industrial + (plus) Automotive Sealant and Dispensing ‘-‘ (minus) the caulk gun

Johnstone and Kremlin Rexson products are used all through automotive and general industrial sealant and dispense applications throughout the world. It surprises and amazes me to see how many glueing, sealing, and adhesive dispense applications are still done with caulk guns or manual dispense systems that have no fluid delivery controls. Ok, sure, fluid delivery controls can be expensive. But that’s why we have solutions that are priced for general industrial users that have the precision and durability required in an automotive plant.

That’s another thing I like about EXEL North America. We have automotive and general industrial application engineering and R&D working hand in hand everyday. The transfer of technology between the two groups is like when the Williams sisters play doubles tennis. They challenge each other on price points, quality, and innovation. A balance of chemistry that’s hard to find just anywhere.

If you have an application you want us to look at for sealant and dispense, whether it’s big or small, manual or automatic, email us at


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